About Us


Wilderness Tamed is the culmination of years working in horticulture and conservation. As a Landscape designer, plantsman in a nursery, gardener and general dogs body I have gained masses of experience over the last twenty odd years.


Set up by John Robson Grundy as a way to promote good gardening practice with a slant towards wildlife friendly management of gardens and estates.


Wilderness Tamed also promotes use of native wild flowers, shrubs and trees in its pojects and landscape designs as another way to encourage insects, birds, amphibians and mammals into the spaces we enjoy.


Leading the way in greener thinking when it comes to being a gardener. Encouraging less reliance on machinery and powered tools. Using bio fuels rather than 2 stroke petrol. Composting instead of giving away to the local councils. Buying locally sourced materials.



Wilderness Tamed John Grundy