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The majority of my clients pay a set amount each month directly to my bank account and I work the hours paid for each month. Either weekly or fortnightly depending on the clients budget and requirements.

As a qualified plantsman who has had years of training and experience under his belt I charge accordingly and some may find these prices high. But the industry is flooded with people in vans who can lay block paving, put up fences, jet wash drives and walk up and down a lawn with a mower.

At Wilderness Tamed we offer more than that. A gardener should know the difference between a Taxodium distichum and a Taraxacum officinale. If you get a Landscape Gardener to give a quote, test them on their plant knowledge while they're in your garden. If they cant identify simple plants don't hire them.

Training to use a scythe is done following  the guidance of SABI.

Kits are supplied if pre ordered with a deposit.

More advanced courses are also available.

Scythe training

Full days training including, peening, honing, set up, mowing and maintenance.                             £65

Scythe kits from                         £170

To get in touch please phone 07827 958361 or e-mail
Garden maintenance work

Hourly rate for ongoing garden maintenance      £20

Depending on distance and garden size a minimum amount of hours per week may be stipulated.

Landscape Designs priced individual projects


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