Learn To Scythe Using Austrian Scythes

Previous courses have been delivered for staff and volunteers from 

Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire

Runnymede/Cookham Common in Bucks

The Vyne in Hampshire.

Northumberland Wildlife Trust

Clara Vale Wildlife Group

Borders Forest Trust  That's me on the page.

Gibside Farmers CIC

Land of Oak & Iron 

I'm sure if you got in touch they would be happy to give a reference, if any of the same staff are there. 

North East England Scythe Courses 

Learn to scythe using Austrian scythes from £150 per person per day on a one to one basis.

For those attending training events £65 per person per day.

Group discounts available to charities and community groups.


Courses last one day and include how to set up your scythe, mowing techniques, sharpening and maintenance. Professional training given throughout.

Advanced Peening Courses are half day courses on blade maintenance.

Full day can be arranged to include some mowing practice. Half day from £40 per person.

Please contact us to book a course for yourself or your organisation.

Private individuals wishing to purchase their own scythes and get training can do so by contacting me directly. Ask for information on where to buy scythes. We usually have some in stock but for large orders for groups please get in touch.


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To book your course please phone

07827 958361

or e-mail John Grundy


Wilderness Tamed John Grundy