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Flowering Rush Super Plug

Flowering Rush Super Plug

SKU: WTButUmbplug

Flowering Rush Butomis umbellatus Super Plug Plants.

  • Description

    An elegant marginal pond plant.

    Spreading umbells of deep pink flowers emerge from the tall foliage in late summer.

    An excellent emergent plant for large ponds.

    Growing to a height of 1 meter. 

    Spreading into large clumps over the years.

  • Benefits

    • Tropical looking pond plant.
    • Emergent plants provide climbing opportunities for dragon & damsel fly larvae. 
    • Tall flowers of deep pink.
    • Provides food for pollinating insects mid summer.
  • Growing Instructions.

    Plant immediately in the deeper margins of your pond. Between 10cm and 30 cm for best results. As with all perennials and most pond plants cut the foliage down in Autumn to reduce the amount of vegetation decomposing in the pond over Winter.

    Large clumps may need dividing after several years. Lift from the pond and cut through the roots with a saw or serrated knife. Return the clump to the pond and discard the unwanted roots. 

  • Postage & Package

    The £3 p&p charge is included in the price.

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