Garden Pond Plant Purple Loosestrife Seeds Native Aquatic Marginal

Garden Pond Plant Purple Loosestrife Seeds Native Aquatic Marginal


These sensational Purple Loosestrife will add that perfect splash of colour and charm to your pond or bog garden. A native gem, these hardy perennial plants establish well in damp semi shade or full sun. They will also tolerate sitting in the water at the edge of a pond. 


The delicate pink flowers appear on tall, upright stems in August and last through to October. Loved by bees and hover flies.

  • Benefits

    A great addition to a perennial border in damp soils. Adding late colour and interest to your garden. Loved by pollinating insects.

    • Great for Insects & Bees
    • Excellent Perennial for beds and borders
    • Lovely as a cut flower.
    • Grow up to 2 Metre High. (Usually shorter)
    • Wonderful in a mixed Native Perennial Border (see our other seeds)
    • Natural Seedling Variation In Colour
  • Sowing Instructions

    You can sow these wild flower seeds as soon as you get them directly into the ground where you want them to grow. Do not add compost or fertiliser to the ground as, like most native meadow plants, they do not require a nutrient rich soil. Rake lightly in to cover the seed and water regularly during dry weather to help establish the young plants. If sown between July and October you should expect flowering the following year.

    Keep well watered in dry periods after sowing to help establish the seedlings.