Hellebore Super Plug

Hellebore Super Plug

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Stinking Hellebore Helleborus foetidus Super Plug Plants

  • Description

    A wonderful plant for dry shade.

    The Stinking Hellebore is a UK native of woodland. Growing well beneath trees and shrubs in a mixed border.

    Not only that, they are evergreen and flower in Winter.

    The lime green nodding flowers (often edged with pink) hang from tall spikes that emerge above the dark green serated foliage. 

    Flowering from January to April.

  • Benefits

    • Evergreen foliage
    • Winter flowering
    • Great in dry shade beneath trees.
    • Providing early nectar for foraging bees.
  • Growing Instructions

    Plant your plug where you want the plant to grow.

    No need for nutrient rich compost, as, like all native plants, these require no fuss.

    Dig a small planting hole large enough to accommodate the plugs root ball. Firm soil in around the plug. Keep watered in dry conditions until the plant is established. When new growth appears.

    After care. remove old flowering spikes as they die off to keep the plant looking good.

  • Post & Packaging

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