• Snakeshead Fritillary Plants Spring Flowering

    10 Plants 'in the green' 
    These sensational Snakeshead Fritillary Plants are now rare in the wild across the UK so introducing them into your garden will help to preserve these gems of the native flora. They will thrive in borders with loamy soil and also in lawns where they can be allowed to naturalise. 
    These Snakehead Fritillary plants emerge in March April and the purple or white flowers hang from the slender stems in April May. After they have flowered the lawn can be mown, or if you are growing a wild flower meadow they can be left to set seed. Often found in wet meadows in their native habitats. The spectacular nodding heads are intricately patterned giving them their common name.

      We only supply these plants in their natural stages throughout the season. So from March to June they are sold 'in the green.' this means you will receive living plants. They are field grown, so when an order is placed they are lifted, packed and dispatched fresh.  Later in the year you will be sent bare dormant bulbs. These should be planted in the Autumn. We would never supply plants in any artificially forced state of growth or dormancy as this affects their ability to grow normally.



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