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Sneezewort Achillea ptarmica

  • Description

    A tall elegant stem with alternate serated leaves bearing delicate white flowers from August to October. Prefering damp soils in full sun or semi shaded sites. Can be grown as a pond marginal or bog plant.

  • Benefits of growing Sneezewort

    • Tall marginal.
    • multiple flowers over a long period
    • excellent pond marginal
    • late summer nectar source for pollinating insects
    • good as a cut flower
  • Growing Instructions

    You can plant these plug plants as soon as you get them directly into the ground where you want them to grow. Do not add compost or fertiliser to the ground as, like most native meadow plants, they do not require a nutrient rich soil. Water regularly during dry weather to help establish the young plants. 

    Keep well watered in dry periods after planting to help establish the plants. 

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