• Snowdrop Bulb Spring Flowering White Winter Colour

    The fabulous Snowdrop Galanthus nivalis is often said to be the first sign of spring. The nodding white flowers appearing in January to March. After several years thick clumps will develop that can easily be lifted and divided to spread even further round the garden. 
    Snowdrop are an exceptional garden plant being extremely hardy and tolerating a variety of soil types and conditions. 
    Brighten up a dark corner under a tree, they do really well in dry shade. 
    Add some winter interest to beneath a deciduous hedge such as beech or hawthorn.
    Fill the gaps in a perennial border or island bed to add extra colour in the early months of the year.
    Add a splash of colour along a path edge.

      Please Note Between December and March these are supplied 'in the green' not as bare dormant bulbs. Snowdrops transplant much better in this state during winter. Once an order is placed the plants are freshly lifted from the field, packed and dispatched. We do not sell any plants or bulbs that have undergone any form of forcing, either growing or dormancy, as this alters the plants natural biorhythms. 


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