Sticky Catchfly Silene noctiflora Plants

Sticky Catchfly Silene noctiflora Plants

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Wild flower plants grown in the Wilderness Tamed garden.

  • Description

    Sticky Catchfly Wild Flower Plants Silene Noctiflora
    Native Woodland Plant White
    Freshly lifted Wild Flower Plants from the Wilderness Tamed garden. Bare root, field grown, hardy plants.
    These striking hedgerow plants will look stunning in a border, island bed or in the shade of trees or a hedge. They will tolerate a variety of soil types and conditions.
    The stems of the plant are sticky hence one of the common names sticky catchfly. The flowers open in the evening and remain open into early morning. They are pollinated by nocturnal moths.
    The tall spires of creamy white flowers come in the second year after sowing and can reach a height of over 4' or 1.2m for those of you in the modern world. Easy to sow in situ and grow at most times of year. Autumn sowings will reult in flowers the following year.
    Flower colour will vary as these are wild plants and not hybrid varieties. The typical cream colour can vary in shade and white, soft shell pink and even beige colours can occur naturally.
  • Benefits

    • Great for Insects & Bees
    • Excellent Biennial for beds and borders
    • Grow up to 1 Metre High.
    • Repeat flowering throughout the summer.
    • Wonderful in a mixed Native Meadow (see our other seeds)
    • Natural Seedling Variation In Colour
  • Growing Instructions

    Plant immediately directly into the ground where you want them to grow. Water them well for the first few days after planting to help establish the new plants..