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Water Lily Nymphaea alba plants

Water Lily Nymphaea alba plants

  • Description

    This elegant white flowering water lily is ideal for the medium to larg garden pond. With it's broad leaves and pure white flowers held above the water. Surface cover is important in a pond to reduce the amount of uv light that penetrates the water surface and increases the chances of algal blooms. The thick pads provide resting places for amphibians and insects on warm summer days.

  • Advantages

    Provides surface cover.

    Attracts insects to it's flowers.

    Looks stunning in a pond.

    Roots act as natural filters helping keep the water clear.

  • Planting information

    Secure the lily root stock into clay, sub soil or silt in the bottom of your pond. This can be done by plugging the root stock into the growing medium. If your pond substrate is fine and loose a weight tied to the root stock will help it remain on the pond bottom until it has rooted. A cobble is usually enough for this. 

    I you wish to grow it in a basket simply use fine washed gravel to anchor the lily root into the basket. The roots will soon emerge and find nutrient in the water and silt on the pond bottom. 

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