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Creating and maintaining

wildlife friendly ponds.

Creating and managing wildflower lawns and meadows using only native UK wildflower seeds and plants.

Regional trainer for the Scything Association of Britain & Ireland (SABI)

Let Wilderness Tamed create a space for you to enjoy. Designing low maintenance, relaxing gardens for people and wildlife.

Putting nature before neat.


John Robson Grundy 

John Grundy sharpening a scythe blade.jpg



The first step in planning a garden is to understand what you the customer want to get from the garden. Once that has been established then the planning can begin. 


It's then my job to look at how to take your ideas and make them wildlife friendly. An obvious way is to introduce native plants.

The aim is to replicate a little section of a natural eco system, with a full food web. 

The image opposite shows a fully stocked border which hosts a wide range of native plants amongst the exotic stuff. I transformed this garden from having a few dominant perennials and an odd mix of shrubs, into a stunning, colourful, year long garden of interest for the client as well as offering plenty of habitat and foraging opportunities for wildlife.

A classic garden mistake I see is the butterfly border.

Planted up with buddliea, and all kinds of exotic plants. Fine if all you want to do is get the local insects addicted to a high nectar source.

But, none of our native butterflies or moths will use any of these plants to lay their eggs on.

They have adapted to spending their larval stage (caterpillars) on very specific food plants.


So if you want to see plenty of butterflies, you really need to think about plenty of native goodies for their offspring to nibble on. 

Ponds are without doubt the best feature a garden can have.


They attract masses of wildlife.


Offer fascinating, educational opportunities for children.

Provide cooling, tranquil places to relax.

Allow for creating a completely different habitat in your garden with a wide array of plants you often can't grow elsewhere.

Wilderness Tamed don't do formal ponds with crazy paving around the edges, gnomes on toadstools, fountains and fish.


We create natural looking ponds with gently sloping, planted edges. Balanced populations of aquatic plants, invertebrates and amphibians. 

What can I do for you?

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