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Reptile & Amphibian Surveys

On the training day you will learn


How to spot the specific habitat features, within a wider landscape, that are suitable for reptiles and amphibians.


The techniques used to search for these animals without causing stress or disturbance.


Gain knowledge of these little understood animals. Their life cycles, activity throughout the year, and ecology.


Gain a respect of the importance of reptiles and amphibians within a habitat and ecosystem.


Important note


There is no guarantee of seeing any reptiles or amphibians on a survey, so attendees are encouraged not to build up their hopes of seeing some. But armed with the experience gained on the training day, they should be more confident of being able to spot them when out in the countryside. 

Common Lizard Female.JPG

Understanding Reptile Habitat

When confronted with a large landscape scale area to survey for reptiles, an understanding of the key features they utilise greatly increases your chances of finding them.

Survey Techniques

Learning how reptiles function and using that knowledge to locate them in a visual search takes time and experience to learn. I will teach you how to approach an area in a way that helps you spot the animals before they become aware of you. 

Common Frog male.jpg


Learn about the life cycles and ecology of our native herpetofauna. Gain an understanding of how these little understood animals function and go about their daily lives.

Learn specific skills

Survey techniques for reptiles and amphibians are very specific. Join me for an intensive training day to learn the skills I have gained over years of field work, studying these animals both in the Uk and abroad.

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