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Scything Courses

As a registered SABI* trainer in the use of Austrian Scythes a number of courses are offered throughout the year.

A days training includes

  • Anatomy of the scythe

  • Setting up the scythe

  • Mowing techniques

  • Blade honing with a whet stone

  • Meadow management

  • Peening the blade using a jig

  • Maintenance of the scythe and blade through the year


Community groups, charities and local interest groups can book scythe training days at discounted rates.

I can also offer one to one courses for individuals.

You might like to join the North East Cereal Killers

To find out more get in contact

* SABI Scything Association of Britain & Ireland

Go to my risk assessment and insurance documents page.


Gardening Talks 

I am available to travel to your venue and present a range of talks based around

  • Creating and managing a wildlife pond

  • Creating and managing a wild flower garden.

  • Formal lawns v's wild flower lawns or meadows.

  • Replacing exotic species of flowering plant with natives.

To find out more get in contact

Wildlife Survey Training 

I am available to travel to your own venue to give a range of training based around:

  • Identification

  • Survey techniques

  • Habitat management.

  • Reptile and amphibian ecology

To find out more get in contact

Gardening Talks
Widlife Survey Training
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