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Scything Courses

As a registered SABI* trainer in the use of Austrian Scythes a number of courses are offered throughout the year.

A days training includes

  • Anatomy of the scythe

  • Setting up the scythe

  • Mowing techniques

  • Blade honing with a whet stone

  • Meadow management

  • Peening the blade using a jig

  • Maintenance of the scythe and blade through the year


Community groups, charities and local interest groups can book scythe training days at discounted rates.

I can also offer one to one courses for individuals.

You might like to join the North East Cereal Killers


* SABI Scything Association of Britain & Ireland

Go to my risk assessment and insurance documents page.

Upcoming scything courses

Free Peening Refresher

Get your blade ready for the mowing season on international peening day.

An everywhere event ran country wide.

I will be attending the event to assist people with sharpening their scythe blades. 

Starting at 10 am on Sunday 7th April. Meet under Byker bridge opposite the city farm down in the Ouseburn valley.

Free Peening Refresher

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Gardening Talks 

I am available to travel to your venue and present a range of talks based around

  • Creating and managing a wildlife pond

  • Creating and managing a wild flower garden.

  • Formal lawns v's wild flower lawns or meadows.

  • Replacing exotic species of flowering plant with natives.

Wildlife Survey Training 

I am available to travel to your own venue to give a range of training based around:

Gardening Talks
Widlife Survey Training
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