Scything Lawns & Meadows

Scything is an excellent, economical and environmentally friendly way to manage your lawns or meadows.

Scything is rapidly becoming more popular as a way to maintain lawns and meadows. Conservation charities and gardening groups as well as individuals are all getting on board with this traditional tool. With their light weight and ease of use many find scythes are an ideal substitute for powered machines.

Cheaper to buy than a strimmer and costs nothing to use each time you mow, unlike powered strimmers and mowers.

You can buy an Austrian Scythe Kit that includes everything you need to begin mowing with, from our store

Many of the people I have trained are on my mailing list the North East Cereal Killers. A volunteer group who help each other out with mowing large areas (usually in return for tea and cake) You might like to join also and get involved.

Did I mention the health benefits of scything as well? No?! Ok, so it's healthier than pushing a mower back and forth or waving a strimmer around.