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Scything is an excellent, economical and environmentally friendly way to manage your lawns or meadows.

Scything is rapidly becoming more popular as a way to maintain lawns and meadows. Conservation charities and gardening groups, as well as individuals, are all getting on board with this traditional tool. With their light weight and ease of use, many people find scythes are an ideal substitute for powered machines.

  • Cheaper to buy than strimmers/brushcutters and mowers. 

  • Costs nothing to use each time you mow. You aren't using fuel or electricity regularly.

  • No other ongoing costs, like oil ,grease, cord etc.

  • You can maintain a scythe yourself, so there are no servicing costs.

  • No atmospheric pollution from petrol fumes.

  • No noise pollution from engines.

  • No environmental pollution from bits of plastic cord being spread across the landscape.

  • No need for ear, eye or face protection. You can get away without gloves or steel capped boots if you want. 

  • More pleasant to work as a team. Safe mowing distance between scythes is 3 meters. Safe mowing distance between strimmer operators 15 meters.

  • Regular scything is a great cardio exercise and core strength builder. 

Many of the people I have trained are on my mailing list the North East Cereal Killers.
A volunteer group who help each other out with mowing large areas (usually in return for tea and cake)
You might like to join also and get involved.

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