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The North East Cereal Killers Scythe Group


Are all scythers from around Northumberland and Durham who have trained with John R Grundy of Wilderness Tamed. 


A volunteer group set up to encourage mowers with scythes to help each other out as a community. Some of our members have large gardens or areas they help manage in a traditional way. They can call on the rest of the group to help out with mowing in exchange for refreshments. This helps mowers practice on different vegetation types, meet each other and enjoy a pleasant day in good company and surroundings.


Scything was traditionally a group effort. Whether harvesting crops or managing the lawns and verges of stately homes and local byways or common ground. 


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Available to help with mowing and management of wild flower meadows, lawns and control of invasive plants.


If you would like any help with vegetation you want managing please get in contact

Find out how to mow with an Austrian scythe here


We also do ingrowing toenails and soul removal.

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