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Scythe Risk Assessment

Below is the link to the actual risk assessment document. This includes all possible hazards you may encounter while out in the field learning to mow with an Austrian scythe. Also covered are environmental hazards such as reactions to vegetation and insects. Scratches, stings, bites etc. 
Not many people will have seen a risk assessment for scything before.
Pretty sure back in the day, I was the first person to write one for the
National Trust.
It has been refined since then to encompass different venue types and groups.

Volunteer group happy with the training on how to scythe.JPG


Everybody needs it these days and scythe instructors are no different to any other

tutor, instructor, guide, guru, or teacher.

Thanks to the Pole-lathe turners & Green woodworkers

for their dedicated public liability insurance cover up to £5.000.000.

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