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Vipers Bugloss Seeds

Vipers Bugloss Seeds


Wild flower seeds harvested from the Wilderness Tamed garden.

  • Description

    Our seeds are harvested from Vipers Bugloss Echium vulgare grown in the Wilderness Tamed garden. 

    These are biennial plants so will flower in the second year.

    These striking plants will look stunning in a border, island bed or naturalised in a meadow. They prefer well drained soil in a sunny site.

    The tall spires of blue and pink flowers come in the second year after sowing and can reach a height of over 1.2m.  

    Easy to grow at most times of year. Autumn sowings will often result in flowers the following year.

    Flower colour will vary as these are wild seeds and not hybrid varieties. The typical blue colour can vary in shade naturally.

  • Benefits

    • Great for Insects & Bees
    • Excellent Perennial for beds and borders
    • Grow up to 1 Metre High.
    • Repeat flowering throughout the summer.
    • Wonderful in a mixed Native Meadow (see our other seeds)
    • Natural Seedling Variation In Colour
  • Growing Instructions

    Sow as soon as you receive your seeds, where you want them to grow. Water well for the first few days. Or alternately, sow into pots until the plants are large enough to plant out and compete with neighbouring plants.

    Do not add enriched compost or fertiliser as wild flowers require a nutrient poor soil in which to thrive.

    Autumn sown seed should germinate in warm soils. The young plants will sit tight through the winter and then grow next year into tall majestic spires with a multitude of flowers that the local pollinating insects will love.

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