Chalk & Limestone Seeds Summer Flowering UK Native Wild Flowers

Chalk & Limestone Seeds Summer Flowering UK Native Wild Flowers

These sensational Garden Perennial Seeds For Chalk Soils will look stunning in your garden.
If you're struggling to get anything to grow because you have a light chalky or shallow limestone soil, then here is your answer.
No need for hours of back breaking digging.
Don't waste time and money planting things that will not tolerate your soil type.
Help to preserve these gems of the native flora.
Mow or scythe once a year,


Grow as a border or meadow feature.
Sowing rate if sown alone: 2g per square metre.
Species List Included in the Garden Perennial Seeds For Chalk Soils
Kidney Vetch
Common Knapweed
Greater Knapweed
wild Carrot
Hedge Bedstraw
Field Scabious
Rough Hawks-bit
Oxeye Daisy
Black Medic
Wild Marjoram
Wild Parsnip
Hoary Plantain
Salad Burnet
Common Sorrel
Bladder Campion
Glaucous Sedge
Quaking grass
Crested Dogtail
Sheeps Fescue
Red Fescue
Crested Hair Grass
Yellow Oat Grass
Smaller Cats-tail Grass
  • Benefits

    All species are insect attracting. Some will provide food plants for butterfly and moth larvae.

  • Sowing Instructions

    You can sow these wild flower seeds as soon as you get them directly into the ground where you want them to grow. Do not add compost or fertiliser to the ground as, like most native meadow plants, they do not require a nutrient rich soil. Rake lightly in to cover the seed and water regularly during dry weather to help establish the young plants. If sown between July and October you should expect flowering the following year.

    Keep well watered in dry periods after sowing to help establish the seedlings.