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Cornfield Annual Seed Mix

Cornfield Annual Seed Mix


Garden Cornfield Annuals Seed Mix Summer Flowering UK Native Wild Flowers 

  • Description

    This sensational Garden Cornfield Annuals Seed Mix will look stunning in your garden. They will help to preserve these gems of the native flora. Providing attractive flower for pollinating insects throughout the summer and giving you a long season of interest and colour. After they have flowered they can be left to set seed before cutting.

  • Benefits

    A summer of glorious colour in your garden. 

    Essential nectar supply for pollinating insects.

    Endless cut flowers for your house.

  • Sowing Instructions

    Sowing rate 2g per square metre.
    Sow your Garden Cornfield Annuals Seed Mix as soon as they arrive from April through to Autumn. They will begin to grow immediately providing conditions are right. They will go on providing colour throughout the summer. Autumn sowings will germinate, sit still as mini plants through the winter months, then romp away in spring the following year.

    You can sow these wild flower seeds as soon as you get them directly into the ground where you want them to grow. Do not add compost or fertiliser to the ground as, like most native meadow plants, they do not require a nutrient rich soil. Rake lightly in to cover the seed and water regularly during dry weather to help establish the young plants. If sown between July and October you should expect flowering the following year.

    Keep well watered in dry periods after sowing to help establish the seedlings. 

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