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Pond Edge Seed Mix

Pond Edge Seed Mix


Garden Perennial Seeds For Pind Edge Summer Flowering UK Native Wild Flowers

  • Pond Edge Seeds Mix

    These sensational Garden Perennial Seeds For Pond Edges and bog gardens will look stunning in your garden.
    A perfect blend of long lasting colourful and scented perennials. They can be sown in situ around the edges of a freshly excavated pond. some will tolerate being as deep as 60cm while others will be perfectly happy sitting up out of the water. Don't worry about trying to seperate them out. They will adapt and thrive according to where they are.
    Help to preserve these gems of the native flora.
    Cut down wit hshears or scythe once a year,
    All species are insect attracting. Some will provide food plants for butterfly and moth larvae.
    Sow where you want them to grow between MArch and October.
    Species List Included in the Pond Plant seed Mix
    Water Avens                                                                                                            Water Mint                                                                                                        Brooklime                                                                                                                  Water Forget-Me-Not                                                                         Meadowsweet                                                                                                     Cowslip                                                                                                                  Ragged Robin                                                                                                                   Flag Iris                                                                                                                                  Sneezewort                                                                                                                         St John's Wort

    Other species may also be inlcuded. 

  • Benefits

    • Great for Insects & Bees
    • Excellent Perennial for bog gardens and damp meadows.
    • Lovely as a cut flowers.
    • Grow up to 60cm High.
    • Repeat flowering throughout the summer.
    • Wonderful in a mixed Native Meadow (see our other seeds)
    • Natural Seedling Variation In Colour
  • Sowing Instructions

    Sowing rate if sown alone: 2g per square metre.
    Sow your Garden Perennial Seeds as soon as they arrive from April through to Autumn. They will begin to grow immediately providing conditions are right. Autumn sowings will germinate, sit still as mini plants through the winter months, then romp away in spring the following year. An autumn sowing will mean flowers the following summer from some of the species.
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